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(GMA) Greater Montreal Area service

Loyal Express offers refrigerated transport throughout the greater Montreal and outlying regions. Our refrigerated transportation fleet has a built-in refrigeration system which cools the shipments at a regulated temperature all through the process of shipping.

With three main terminals throughout the Montreal region (Dorval, Anjou and Rougemont), to offer flexible solutions to meet our customer’s unique transportation needs.

What is refrigerated logistics?

Used across a wide variety of industries, refrigerated logistics involves the movement of goods in temperature-controlled environments. When manufacturers, companies, and retailers need to distribute or restock perishable or sensitive commodities, temperature-controlled transportation and logistics may be required.

What is the rule for refrigerated products?

The temperature in a refrigerator should be 40 °F or below throughout the unit, so that any place is safe for storage of any food. Raw meat, poultry, and seafood should be in a sealed container or wrapped securely to prevent raw juices from contaminating other foods.


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